Operations Assistant

Operations Assistant

Operations Assistant



New York, New York

Employment Type



$45000 - $0

Job Description:

Copy Center

- Digital print production experience.

- Complete multiple projects at one time.

- Operate production printers and copiers: configure settings, manage job queues and select output formats.

- Process and manipulate electronic files.

- Hyperlinks, add & delete bookmarks experience.

- Print hard copy paper documents from electronic files.

- Scan paper documents into electronic files.

- Create fully customizable tabs.

- Create labels to title various folders or redwelds.

- Create miniature versions of standard size books or documents.

- Number physical documents or electronic files.

- Produce job proofs for customer review and approval.

- Convert and batch print documents such as PDF, Word, and Excel files.

- Process files from a fiery command workstation.

- Monitor printed product to maintain quality standards.

- Complete binding requirements from hardcopy productions (i.e. Velo, Spiral, Wire, Acco and 3-ring).

- Perform daily quality checks on equipment, calibrate and maintain image quality.

- Participate in cross-training and perform other duties as needed.

Mail Room

- Process, sort and deliver all incoming and outgoing mail according to Firm’s procedures, goals, and deadlines.

- Accept, calculate and apply postage for domestic, international, and special mail services.

- Process all incoming and outgoing FedEx, DHL, and UPS shipments using Pitney Bowes Send Suite Live application. Track shipments as necessary.

Online ordering of mail service and office supplies via a third-party provider.

- Work in coordination with department staff on all incoming and outgoing messenger requests.

- Deliver supplies, large parcels, publications, etc. to office.


- Clean Pantries and Lunch Room each morning and throughout the day to ensure they are stocked with supplies (coffee, tea, paper and plastic goods, etc.)

- Check Conference Rooms each morning and throughout the day and prepare them for daily activity.

- Perform hourly walk-through of all bathrooms to check for cleaning needs.

- Perform daily and periodic walk-through of the entire office space to check for cleaning needs.

- Complete recycle pickups daily.

- Complete all beverage and food set-ups for meetings and clean-ups afterwards.

- Respond to emergency calls throughout the day as needed.

- Responsible for moves and builds of office furniture as required.

Job Requirements:


- The candidate should have a minimum of 5 years of work history in support services/reprographics/digital print production.

- Knowledge of Canon multifunctional devices, Copitrak chargeback system, and various types of binding equipment required.

- Knowledge of Pitney Bowes Mailing Systems and basic website use including FedEx, Messenger, as well as other Couriers.

- Knowledge of relativity media, printing from FTP/drop box, or zip and pdf files from Nuance, preferred.

- Advanced troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

- Ability to maintain the highest levels of customer care while demonstrating a friendly and cooperative attitude.

- Ability to communicate effectively with other employees of the organization.

- Additional duties and responsibilities may be added at the discretion of the Facilities Manager.

- Some knowledge of hanging art and light handyman work, etc.