Senior Legal Assistant

Senior Legal Assistant

Senior Legal Assistant



Los Angeles

Employment Type



$90000 - $115000

Job Description:

* Assists with the preparation and e-filing of California state court and Federal Court pleadings and other court papers.

* Prepares and handles technical, complex filings, including sealing procedures.

* Stays up-to-date on current rules and filing requirements.

* Pulls cases, (cite-checks) briefs, and verifies the accuracy of quoted material and cited exhibits.

* Provides support throughout all phases of discovery, including document review, production and depositions.

* Assists with complex tracking and data analysis projects.

* Calculates litigation deadlines and manages litigation docket for assigned cases, ensuring that all deadlines and docket changes are calendared, updated, and communicated to responsible attorneys.

* Assists with preparation for interviews, depositions, hearings, trials and/or client meetings.

* Proofreads briefs, memoranda of law, opinions and other documents.

* Assists with retrieval of rules, regulations and company profiles.

* Handles advanced, complex projects, and manages numerous deadlines by prioritizing tasks and delegating as necessary.

* Ensures that all Litigation case files are maintained within department-approved protocols and case management systems, and seeks to improve workflows regarding storage and recall of electronic and paper files.

* Organizes and manages electronic and paper files.

* Maintains the integrity of client files.

* Performs non-legal research using various research tools, including the Internet, Westlaw, LexisNexis, PACER, SEC/EDGAR and other media and financial services sites, and/or other court-related websites for case law, statutes, articles, books, etc.

* Assists partners, associates and other legal assistants across offices, practice areas and throughout departments, as needed.

* Complies with and understands Firm operation, policies, and procedures.

* Performs other related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:


* Working knowledge of California state court, Northern District and Central District of California rules and procedures.

* Working knowledge of Federal Court rules and procedures.

* Demonstrated experience handling government investigations, including investigations by the SEC and DOJ.

* Demonstrated ability with complex court filings, in both paper and electronic (e-filing) formats.

* Ability to assist in the preparation of, and during, arbitrations/trials.

* Advanced knowledge of Excel.

* Knowledge of docketing/calendaring software.

* Ability to fluently navigate various electronic databases and document management systems.

* Working knowledge of Relativity and other e-discovery applications such as TextMap and CaseMap.

* Knowledge of Firm operation, policies and procedures.

* Knowledge of relevant Firm computer software programs (e.g., Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), with the ability to learn new software and operating systems.

* Strong research skills and proficiency in using various research tools, including the Internet, Westlaw, LexisNexis, PACER, SEC/EDGAR and other court-related websites and/or media and financial services.

* Demonstrates strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills to facilitate and maintain effective work relationships.

* Ability to work well independently, as well as effectively, within a team.

* Demonstrates attention to detail.

* Excellent analytical, troubleshooting, organizational and planning skills.

* Flexibility to travel as required.

* Flexibility to adjust hours and work the hours necessary to meet operating and business needs.


* Bachelor's degree.

* Must be able to meet the requirements of a California Paralegal under CA Business and Professions Code section 6450.

* Minimum of ten (10) years of experience in a legal assistant position or a position requiring similar skillset, expertise and experience.