Job: EDGAR Operator

Title EDGAR Operator
Categories Administrative Support Staff (Law Firm)
Job ID 2082
Location New York, NY
Job Information

Edgar Operator/Word Processing Specialist

Perform all basic and advanced word processing functions on current software utilized by the firm including Word, Excel, iManage, Visio, EDGAR and any additional software the firm utilizes in the future.

 Read and interpret instructions for each document to be worked on.
 Perform extensive formatting and editing of word processing document, including advanced features such as Workshare, Table of Authorities, Table of Contents, etc.
 Create, edit, revise and print documents on Word Processing system, including labels, backs, fax forms, messenger request forms, and all other forms on the system.
 Convert documents from other software into the version we are currently utilizing.
 Perform technical functions including: unzip and zip files, convert files, import files onto the system, retrieve documents from Microsoft Word for Windows, Windows, Excel, iManage, Visio, Edgar and other
related software documents, etc.
 Proofread work for quality and correct formatting.
 Arrange for return of work to attorney.
 Transcribe tapes.
 Type UCC statements on the system.
 Assist with scanning and faxing of documents as necessary.
 Other tasks as assigned.

 Some college preferred.
 Superior English language skills.
 Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word for Windows, Windows , Excel, iManage, Visio, Edgar and other related software.
 Word including advanced functions (TOC, TOA, Cross-referencing, Bookmarks, Track Changes, Tables, Drawing, Auto-Correct features, Styles)
 Competence in creating and editing financial tables quickly and accurately.
 Intermediate to advanced PowerPoint, including embedded pictures and tables.
 Intermediate to advanced Excel, including basic formulas, formatting and embedding into PowerPoint.
 Acrobat, including extracting and converting PDF files.
 Familiarization with basic graphics and picture manipulation, including resizing, copying, and pasting functions.
 Familiarization with OCR conversion software such as Omnipage.
 Ability to work under pressure.
 Ability to work with peers and attorneys.
 Ability to make fast and accurate changes in documents.

 Ability to handle multiple priorities and to work in stressful situations.
 Ability to sit at a desk most of the working day, and walk short distances.
 Needs manual dexterity, speed and accuracy in handling office equipment.
 Ability to work efficiently and accurately in an atmosphere of frequent interruption.
 Ability to carry light objects, i.e., files, small objects and supplies a short distance.

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