Why We Want To Meet You.

We do our utmost to meet each and every one of our candidates face to face before we submit them for jobs and send them out on interviews.

How to Work with Recruiters.

We get a lot of questions about what recruiters actually do. Unfortunately, we are not guaranteed to find you a job each and every time you approach us.

The Phone Interview.

The Phone Interview: Based on a conversation with Tish Noble, Executive Director of The O’Neil Search Group At the request of our clients, we’ve been setting up more and more phone interviews between clients and candidates lately. Employers use the phone interview as a pre-screening process. Before employers invite a candidate in and clear the...
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Recruiters & your job search.

Although most people have heard of recruiters, headhunters and search consultants, not many people have a clear sense of what it is that we do. To that end, here’s an excerpt from a fantastic article written by Valerie Fontaine and Roberta Kass, which was recently published on Law.com. Find out exactly what a search consultant...
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The Skype interview

As The ONeil Search Group continues to expand its network across the nation, we have found ourselves conducting more and more interviews via Skype and videoconferencing. Skype (and other videoconferencing programs) are an easy and efficient way to “meet” potential employees – which is why our clients are getting in on the act as well....
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What to Look for in a Recruiter

There are so many search consulting firms these days that it can be difficult to choose among them. How do you narrow down your choices? How do you ensure that you are working with a well-reputed, distinguished firm that will guarantee success in your company’s search? There are a few essential qualities that any great...
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Why Using a Search Consultant Makes Sense

TIME Recruiting the right staff takes time. Outsourcing recruitment allows you to focus on your core business and developing and retaining your existing staff. RESOURCES A professional search agency has access to a large pool of candidates who may not know about your company or have considered working for you. They have relationships with passive...
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Why Use Qualified Search Consultant.

Working with a Search Consultant who is knowledgeable about your desired job market can speed up your job search considerably. Here are a few ways in which a good Search Consultant can augment your job search: Search Agencies are often privy to job openings that are not being publicly advertised. If you are right for...
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What to Look For In a Recruiter.

There are thousands of recruiters and search consultants out there. Some are great, some are not so great: How do you decide which recruiter to work with? Before making such an important decision, it is helpful to know what makes a recruiter a good recruiter. Here are some things to look for when working with...
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