Corporate Paralegal

Corporate Paralegal

Corporate Paralegal




New York, NY

Employment Type



$100000 - $110000

Job Description:

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

* Assist attorneys to prepare integral corporate documents/materials

* Work with lawyers to prepare all documents required to form corporations (both for profit and not for profit), partnerships, and limited liability companies in any state

* Assist lawyers in the preparation of documentation for amendments, withdrawals, mergers and dissolutions of corporations, partnerships and/or limited liability companies

* Create and maintain physical and electronic corporate minute books

* Work with Internal Revenue Service

* Assist with the completion and filing of SS-4 Forms with the Internal Revenue Service for the purpose of obtaining Employee Identification Numbers (EINs) for corporations, partnerships and/or limited liability companies

* Work with System for Award Management

* Assist with the registration and renewal of entities in the System for Award Management SAM system

* Work with Corporate Secretary

* Prepare board meeting materials and organization of quarterly/annual meetings

* attend corporate meetings, prepare corporate resolutions, take and log board minutes, and other similar corporate items

Job Requirements:


Candidate must have a bachelors degree and relevant work experience and demonstrate experience with all manner of corporate documents.

As with any paralegal position, strong verbal and written communication skills are a must.

Also must be self-motivated, and detail oriented.

The ideal candidate will work well under pressure

Other skills needed include a strong familiarity with all standard Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Access and Visio, and general office procedures.