Corporate Paralegal

Corporate Paralegal

Corporate Paralegal




Los Angeles, California

Employment Type



$120000 - $140000

Job Description:


Due Diligence

* Obtain, organize and index due diligence documents

* Organize, print and index documents from data sites

* Monitor review of data room by other professionals

* Order and review lien, tax and judgment searches


* Review publicly available corporate and SEC documents and draft corporate profiles

* Execute LEXIS and Bloomberg searches

* Prepare brief bios or background/industry reports

Business Entity Documentation

* Form and dissolve corporations and other business entities

* Draft board resolutions and shareholder, member and limited partner resolutions

* Issue stock or membership interest certificates and maintain ledger

* Prepare foreign qualification form

* Draft charter documents and amendments to charter documents

* Draft merger certificates

* Interface with service companies to file and retrieve documents and coordinate apostilles

SEC filings and Related Documents

* Organize exhibits for regulatory filings

* Obtain EDGAR codes

* Coordinate distribution to exchanges and interested parties

* Manage a printer group; run a master, supervise proofreaders and ensure a smooth transition between support staff shifts

* Draft tender offer ancillary documents and coordinate mailing to security holders


* Coordinate the preparation and revisions of working group lists

* Draft certain closing documents including secretary's certificates and officer's certificates

* Draft UCC financing, assignment and termination statements and arrange for filing; order and review searches to reflect

* Coordinate the collection of required documents and/or signatures pages

* Order and review certified charter documents

* Work with clients to obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN)

* Organize pre-closing: prepare folders and labels; manage signature pages and documents as they arrive; double-check availability of signatories and number of document copies needed for original signature (forwarding signature pages in advance); determine and coordinate appropriate support staffing levels and arrange ancillary services for pre-closing and closing

* Substantively review certain documents required for closings, such as board resolutions, certified corporate documents and third party consents

* Coordinate the execution and, where appropriate, the notarization of all closing documents

* Coordinate post-closing activities; follow-up to obtain all post-closing items; prepare closing sets and/or bound volumes; prepare and maintain office record


* Coordinate and draft the Firm's responses to audit letters

* Monitor service company accounts; ensure payments of bills for services ordered; update service of process addresses for business entities formed

* Manage, edit, format and proof read Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Adobe PDF documents consistent with firm styles and standards; maintain proficiency in these programs, among others, in support of attorneys

* Perform other duties assigned

Job Requirements:


* College Degree or Paralegal Certification from an ABA approved school

* Flexibility to work overtime

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

* Ability to work as part of a team and work independently

* Strong technical skills

* Strong administrative, analytical, organizational and researching skills

* Attention to detail

* Strong multi-tasking skills

* Ability to work under pressure and interface with high-level attorneys and clients

* A plus if candidate is already a notary, but not required