Legal Office Administrator

Legal Office Administrator

Legal Office Administrator


Human Resources


Los Angeles

Employment Type



$180000 - $200000

Job Description:


* Facilitates and coordinates orientation, on-boarding and integration of all new partners and staff professionals to the Los Angeles office. Participates in new hire orientation for partners and staff. Works collaboratively with the Firm's administrative team to help access broader firm resources.

* Participates in office committee meetings, such as partner integration, marketing and training to: drive the agenda; (2) take notes and complete committee tasks; (3) ensure committee assignments are being completed by partners and associates; and (4) keep Managing Partner apprised of progress.

* Assists Managing Partners with lateral partner recruiting.

* Participates in other administrative meetings as requested by Managing Partners to take notes and ensure tasks are completed.

* Organizes and manages calendars to ensure integration and engagement from across the LA office, specifically maintains: (1) master calendar of firm-wide programs, and (2) office-specific calendar.

* In partnership with legal personnel and marketing, coordinates special functions and events for attorneys and support staff as well as hosting events for clients and affiliated organizations. Designs and implements office programs and initiatives.

* Creates an efficient and effective working environment for attorneys by anticipating the needs and planning for the delivery of support services.

* Promotes effective and maximum utilization of administrative staff within a positive and respectful work environment. Provide leadership and direction.

* Maintains positive employee relations by working and communicating collaboratively with attorneys and staff. Establishes, implements and enforces policies and procedures.

* Participates in peer group meetings with other Los Angeles area law firms; suggests and adopts best practices. Develops policies and procedures specific to the LA office including but not limited to off hours support and weather related closings.

* Works with IT management on system maintenance, upgrades and rollouts, user training and IT-related client service.

* Assists with financial planning and oversight of construction for build-out of new office space and renovations as well as personnel moves. Assigns office space to new personnel.

* Works with building management on day-to-day facilities issues such as building security, cleaning and maintenance, heating and air conditioning, emergency preparedness, and general tenant issues. Monitors office operations.

* Manages the emergency preparedness program for the office including periodic drills in coordination with the building, and CPR and AED training for responders.

* Other responsibilities as determined from time-to-time to achieve overall goals and objectives and successful performance of the office.

* Perform other duties assigned.

Job Requirements:


* Bachelor's Degree Required

* 3 to 5 years' of experience in office management in a professional services environment.

* Strong organizational, administrative, interpersonal, written and oral communication skills. Ability to deliver clear, concise and appropriate messages to a variety of audiences. Ability to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously.

* Effective leadership, team building and management skills. Strong conflict resolution skills and the ability to facilitate change.

* Personal qualifications: integrity, value collaborative style, develop and motivate high performing and growing team.

* Ability to analyze problems, evaluate alternatives and propose and implement solutions. Demonstrated use of initiative and ability to work independently and in a team.

* Ability to collaborate with individuals at all levels of the organization; must demonstrate excellent business judgment.

* Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

* The successful candidate will work in-office full-time.