Network Security Engineer

Network Security Engineer

Network Security Engineer




Los Angeles

Employment Type



$116400 - $161300

Job Description:

In this capacity, the Network Security Engineer will:

* Primary goal will be to work with stakeholders and Managed Security Service Provider to troubleshoot issues with firewall;

* Strong functional knowledge on VPN, zone/layer 7 firewall and routing and switching protocol;

* Assist with the design of Secure Architecture of the network;

* Integrate security tasks and activities into system development methodologies (e.g. planning, design, implementation, operations, maintenance, and disposal);

* Perform validation of security controls to ensure consistency with industry standard methodologies; and

* Identify and verify security requirements are met throughout the process.

In addition, the Network Security Engineer will be expected to have experience with the following areas of responsibility:

* Prepare and document secure system development standard operating procedures and protocols;

* Perform vendor technical solution acceptance verification and validation;

* Develop technical solutions and new security tools to help mitigate security vulnerabilities and automate repeatable tasks;

* Assess gaps in existing policy and propose amendments to existing policy or new policy to address these gaps;

* Participate in the development and implementation of enterprise-level technical standards and procedural directives and other guidance materials;

* Write comprehensive reports including assessment-based findings, outcomes and propositions for further network security enhancement;

* Participates in the development, implementation and review of security controls for the network under their purview;

* Coordinates with Infrastructure owners to resolve security issues through system lifecycle; and

* Provides guidance and support to self-testing, security control assessment, preparation of remediation plans, and development of continuous monitoring plans.

Job Requirements:


* Minimum of 8 years' experience (preferred); (At least 5 years of experience with cybersecurity or information assurance);

* BS degree in Computer Science or related field (required); MS degree (preferred);

* Engineer, implement, and monitor security measures for the protection of the network and critical assets using Network Firewalls alongside IPS/IDS;

* Experience in managing playbooks for security Automation and Orchestration using a XSOAR tool;

* Experience in managing policies for CASB using Palo Alto networks CASB;

* Experience in managing remote access solution and provide reports using Panorama and Splunk;

* Strong understanding of PKI infrastructure;

* Detailed technical knowledge of network, load balancers, DMZ, VMware from a security standpoint;

* Experience providing O&M and engineering support to complex, mission-critical systems; and

* Experience with network security, networking technologies, and network monitoring tools.