Pricing Analyst

Pricing Analyst

Pricing Analyst




Employment Type



$100000 - $110000

Job Description:

In this capacity, the Pricing Analyst will:

* Manage the firm's knowledge base of pricing and alternative fee proposals;

* Analyze client requirements and outside counsel guidelines; Notify attorneys and other key members as necessary; Create processes to help mitigate risk around client policies;

* Conduct data analysis on existing engagements to help drive understanding of matter/client realization;

* Fully develop scenarios and models to assess financial impact and profitability of pricing proposals, and assist in the development of creative, workable pricing solutions in response to client demands, including alternative fee arrangements;

* Assist in developing pricing databases and pre-populated budget templates to improve the firm's ability to develop accurate budgets, including performing data analysis and research on historical matters to determine cost ranges;

* Stay informed of current pricing trends within the legal market, and apply learned concepts to help improve the firm's pricing capabilities;

* Act as the direct liaison to the firm's Matter Management/Legal Project Management Initiative;

* Maintain direct interaction with clients as necessary; and

* Handle additional related projects as assigned.

Job Requirements:


* Advanced financial analysis skills including the ability to prepare concise reports to assist firm management in assessing the effectiveness and financial impact of pricing proposals;

* Advanced knowledge of mathematical and basic statistical concepts, including fractions, percentages, and ratios and apply this knowledge to large volumes of data to reach meaningful conclusions;

* High level of attention to detail;

* Advanced organizational skills, including the ability to maintain and track large volumes of data, prioritize workload, coordinate multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines and ability to be flexible and adapt to change;

* High/expert level of proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;

* Ability to learn, leverage and use additional programs, including budgeting and financial management software;

* Working knowledge of legal services, financial and billing systems;

* Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and relationship-building skills, with the ability to interact effectively with attorneys and firm professional staff of all levels;

* Ability to work independently and be proactive; and

* High level of success working in teams virtually and in person.


* Bachelor's Degree preferred or equivalent experience;

* At least 3 years of related experience in a law firm or professional services firm (preferred); and

* At least 3 years' experience with pricing of legal services preferred, which includes a strong working knowledge of non-hourly pricing models.