Senior Legal Assistant – Corporate Restructuring Paralegal

Senior Legal Assistant - Corporate Restructuring Paralegal

Senior Legal Assistant - Corporate Restructuring Paralegal




New York, New York

Employment Type



$100000 - $120000

Job Description:

As the Senior Legal Assistant Specialist - Corporate Restructuring (Paralegal) you will:

* Assist attorneys throughout all phases of mega chapter 11 cases, chapter 15 cases, and appeals.
* Assist in preparation, and handling, of bankruptcy e-filings and service of court papers.
* Draft notices, hearing agendas, and other basic documents.
* Prepare hearing binders/e-binders and other supporting materials for court.
* Assist with all aspects of hearing preparation.
* Provide support for in-house case-related meetings such as auctions and depositions, and assists with preparation for outside meetings.
* Prepare and manage first-day filing checklists.
* Assist with preparation of fee applications.
* Monitor case dockets and circulates case filings.
* Track deadlines in complex cases for planning purposes.
* Monitor federal and local bankruptcy forms for periodic revisions and updates firm working versions.
* Assist with attorney court admissions, manages PACER and ECF accounts, and maintains virtual hearing accounts.
* Monitor changes to federal and local rules, and requirements of the United States Trustee's office, and keeps informed of changes to court procedures.
* Communicate with court clerks and chambers staff on case matters.
* Research and retrieve precedent motions, disclosure statements, and plans.
* Assist team with conflicts-of-interest tasks for new matters.
* Review and research unidentified bankruptcy-related mail.
* Perform non-legal research using various research tools, including the Internet, Westlaw, LexisNexis, PACER, and other court-related websites for case law, statutes, articles, and books.
* Oversee the organization and accuracy of documents and data in electronic databases including: managing case materials, indexing, and coding information.
* Ensure that all Corporate Restructuring files are maintained with department-approved protocols and case management systems.

Job Requirements:


* Extensive knowledge of the United States Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure

* Ability to maintain current knowledge of local bankruptcy rules for the Southern District of New York

* Extensive practice in handling e-filings, including ECF filing requirements for pre-filing and post-filing of mega chapter 11 cases

* Familiar with Claims and Noticing Agent websites, and filings on same

* Extensive knowledge of bankruptcy appeals process

* Knowledge of Chapter 13 and 15 filing and procedures

* Ability to navigate various electronic databases and document repositories

* Strong research skills and proficiency in using various research tools

* Excellent analytical, troubleshooting, organizational, and planning skills

* Flexibility to travel as required

* Flexibility to adjust hours and work the hours necessary to meet operating and business needs


* Bachelor's degree

* Minimum of six years' experience in a Corporate Restructuring legal assistant position or a position requiring similar skillset