Job: Entry-Level Paralegal

Title Entry-Level Paralegal
Categories Paralegals
Job ID 2282
Location New York City
Job Information

A top law firm is seeking an Entry-Level Paralegal to join their practice areas of U.S. Prosecution and Litigation
•Opening new clients, matters, files, IPPO records
• Updating physical files and profiling emails, documents, etc. in Worldox
•Updating IPPO records • Docketing
•Working on all stages of U.S. prosecution (proposing identifications, preparing applications, preparing required forms, working on Responses to Office Actions, reviewing Notices of Allowance, working on extension requests/Allegations of Use, updating IPPO with details and reviewing documents for accuracy throughout application process, handling any correspondence from the USPTO, etc.)
•Preparing and sending letters and emails to clients and foreign associates
•Editing correspondence/documents
•Recording registrations with U.S. Customs and preparing demand letters following seizures of goods

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