How to Work with Recruiters.

We get a lot of questions about what it is that recruiters actually do. Unfortunately, we are not guaranteed to find you a job each and every time you approach us. Luck and timing play a key role in a many of our placements. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with a recruiter:

Recruiters find candidates, not jobs: Recruiters receive requests for candidates in order to fill specific open positions at their Clients’ Firms. So, depending on the job orders your recruiter is trying to fill, they are often looking for very specific types of candidates – do not get offended if you do not match what they are looking for in the immediate term. That being said, the types of candidates we are searching for vary from week to week based on the demands of our clients. It is not uncommon, for example, to get requests for three Secretary and no IT/Tech requests one week, then three IT/Tech orders and no Secretary orders the following one. Be patient and do not take it personally. Recruiters always have your best interests in mind, but they can’t make individually tailored jobs appear out of thin air.

Recruiters and job seekers should work together: All too often, job seekers expect the royal treatment. But it’s all about teamwork. Recruiters do not work for candidates, they work with candidates. Job seekers should be honest about their credentials, current compensation and future expectations. When everything is above board, recruiters can do their b