The Virtual Interview

As The ONeil Search Group continues to expand its network across the nation, we have found ourselves conducting more and more interviews via virtual and videoconferencing. Virtual (and other videoconferencing programs) are an easy and efficient way to “meet” potential employees – which is why our clients are getting in on the act as well. This is just the beginning. As virtual and online video interviews become more prevalent, it is important to know the dos and don’ts of the process, which are outlined in a wonderfully engaging blog post by Jenny Foss.

Below is an excerpt. You can read the full blog post here.

Tips to Shred the Competition in your Virtual interview:

  • Practice first. Dial up a friend, relative or professional mentor and run through a few mock questions. Check the audio levels, make sure the room lighting looks normal.
  • Get the eye contact thing down. Be sure and look into the webcam a large portion of the time. You’ll be tempted to stare at the screen, because that’s where the interviewer’s image appears. But if you look there the whole time? It will come across that you’re looking down the entire time.
  • Don’t even think about doing it in a coffee shop. Quiet, clean room. Absolutely no environmental hustle and bustle, none.
  • Silence any other phone or potentially interrupting technologies before the interview. That’d be your cell phone, your land line and any other audible alerts that could pop up on your computer during the call.
  • Go professional, but remember you’re probably sitting at home.. Absolutely look polished, ironed and professional, but a suit is not required (unless, of course, you’re in the running for some big Wall Street or CPA gig, then yes, probably.)