Why Use Qualified Search Consultant.

Working with a Search Consultant who is knowledgeable about your desired job market can speed up your job search considerably. Here are a few ways in which a good Search Consultant can augment your job search:

  • Search Agencies are often privy to job openings that are not being publicly advertised.
  • If you are right for a position, a good search consultant will be able to help you get your foot in the door. Rather than having your resume stuck in a huge pile on the HR Assistant’s desk, your resume will be submitted, by the Search Consultant, directly to the Hiring Manager.
  • They will be able to address questions you may have about your resume content and format and they will help you prepare for interviews with their clients.
  • A Search Consultant can give you information about the position and the employer that is not available on the website or in a job description. They can tell you what the atmosphere of the firm is like and why the employer is looking to fill this position at this time.
  • They will negotiate salary and compensation with their client on your behalf.
  • They will assist in your transition to your new job.
  • A good Search Consultant is a lifelong ally. You can go to them again and again throughout your career for advice and guidance. They can also keep you abreast of changing industries and opportunities.
  • Remember that using a Search Consultant does not cost you a cent: The hiring company pays the recruiter, not the job searcher.