What to wear to your interview

The way you dress for an interview communicates various things to your interviewer, so although it is not always necessary to wear a suit, it is important to look professional. Try to dress they way the organization’s employees do. If you have a friend who works there, ask your friend how he or she dresses for work. Or you may want to call the receptionist and ask. When in doubt, though, it is better to dress too formally, rather than too casually.

How To Dress For a Job Interview (Women)

  • Consider the job’s location and dress appropriately. If your interview is at a large corporation, wear a conservative suit.
  • Choose between closed-toe shoes and pumps. No other type of shoe is appropriate.
  • If you are wearing a skirt, wear nylons.
  • At all costs, avoid miniskirts, tight sweaters, loose, sloppy clothing and strappy shoes.
  • Iron your clothes.
  • Check your outfit for holes, hanging threads, stains and wrinkles.
  • Check your shoes for scuffs. Shine scuffed shoes.
  • Tone down the use of makeup.
  • Do not use scented hair spray or perfume.
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum.
  • Inspect your hair and nails.
  • Keep your style subtle and classic.

How To Dress For a Job Interview (Men)

  • A well-fitting suit and tie should be worn to any company in a more formal industry (such as law firms and investment banks). Dark suits look more professional. Couple them with a dark belt and matching dress shoes, preferably lace-up.
  • For a more casual company, opt for dressy casual attire, such as slacks, a button-down shirt, a leather belt and matching dress shoes.
  • Do not mix too many colors in your outfit.
  • Make sure all your clothes have been cleaned and ironed.
  • Clean or polish your shoes.
  • Take a briefcase or nice leather-bound portfolio to carry pertinent documents. No manila folders.
  • Avoid any scented hairsprays, cologne or aftershave.